How to ask for help………some days this can be the most difficult task ever!!!!  I have struggled MANY times with this very issue.  I often felt that I would appear weak or unprepared if I requested help in any way.  This was far from the truth, of course, but it took me a bit to realize that!!  

A few years ago I was struggling with time management and all of the events/groups I made commitments to.  I was stressed and felt down right grumpy all the time.  During this time, I had a particularly rough day and did not feel like attending the annual Women’s Night Out that Mt. Olive sponsors.  I prayed on it and felt that something (or someone…..) was pushing and pulling at me to go anyway.

Well, it just so happened that our speaker that evening addressed the very issue I struggled with: humbling myself, praying and reaching out for help.  She was so passionate about this topic that she even became emotional as she was speaking in front of 200 women!!!

I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to speak to her and pray with her after the event.  I felt refreshed and encouraged—it was time for a change!!  I put together some ideas and presented them to my fellow Youth leaders and board and admitted I just could not do everything that I wanted to accomplish on my own.  It turned out that it was the perfect time for me to ask. We had a few more volunteers looking to sign up to help with Youth events who just needed a bit of encouragement to do so!

Life is still a constant race, but I try to remember a few things so I reach out to my fellow Youth leaders, Pastor and friends:

  • People can’t read minds!! I need to communicate exactly what I would like help with!
  • Be open to constructive criticism. If I ask for help, ideas, direction, etc., I need to have an open mind and heart when I receive the responses
  • Time my request accordingly!!  I think many times I didn’t want to ask for help because I thought that person may be too busy.  I have now learned to ask enough in advance and people are more than willing to provide assistance.
  • Be willing to GIVE help to others!  There are so many events now where we all “barter” time.  This has provided me with many opportunities to get to know more people at my church, school and so on.
  • And PRAY!!!!!!  Pray for guidance, strength, knowledge– whatever you need to lighten the load off your shoulders and ask others to share it with you.

Jennifer (Jen) Zuehlsdorf is a volunteer Youth Leader, Sunday School Superintendent and teacher at Mt. Olive Lutheran Church and Christian Day School in Milwaukee.  She also serves on the Parish Education board, as well as the Board of Christian Day School. She has been teaching for approximately 5 years and with youth for 2 years.

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