If you’ve ever run a scavenger hunt with your group, you know the pressure that comes as all of the answer sheets are handed in. You must now quickly, and accurately, correct each team’s sheet to discover the winner. Good thing no team members will be in your face contesting each answer…..right?

I love scavenger hunts but this was always my biggest complaint. It’s far from a deal breaker but it always made it hard. Scavenger hunts changed with my group once I started using Goosechase. Goosechase is an app and website that allows you to create digital scavenger hunts. You create the game via the website and at least one person on each team needs to download the app. You can program in the answers or allow free response. Even with free response, you can view the answers live as they are submitted by teams. You can even reject submissions if they are incorrect. Team scores are automatically calculated as you play so you know the winner right away when it ends.

Goosechase allows answers to be submitted as text, pictures, videos, or GPS locations. This allows for fun variety. After the game is finished, you can even access the pictures and videos to share with everyone which adds to the fun. Your games can last minutes or days, depending on your needs.

Goosechase is free as long as you don’t need more than 3 teams. After that, it jumps to $299. They do offer a nonprofit discount if you contact them. I, personally, have only used the free version and it was a huge success! I would highly recommend Goosechase if you’re looking to take your scavenger hunts to the next level!

Nathan Ballard is the Director of Youth Ministry at Brookfield Lutheran Church in Brookfield, WI where he works with 5th-12th grade students and their families. Prior to that, he served for eight years as a volunteer youth worker in Milwaukee. Nathan loves spending time with his wife Erin and his son Grayson.

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