Number of People: 5+

Age: 5th Grade and Up

Time: 5-10 Minutes

Equipment: Clothespins (about 3-5 per person).


Hand any number of clothespins to all the kids.  The more clothespins everyone starts with, the longer the game lasts.  Recommend number would be somewhere between 3-5.  Have students pin them to their shirt sleeves, hems, pockets, etc.  Make sure there are no clothespins placed in inappropriate places.  Then have them all scatter on the playing field. On the signal, everyone runs around snatching clothespins from one another, kneeling down to attach their newly acquired prizes.  Clothespins cannot be snatched from someone kneeling down and attaching new clothespins.  At the end of the game (usually a time limit), the one with the most clothespins wins.

Steve Vera is pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie, WI.  Prior to seminary, he served for six years as youth director at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hudson, WI.

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