Number of People: 2+

Age: 5th Grade and Up

Time: 5-10 Minutes

Equipment: Balloons (one for each player) in the same amount of colors as there are teams.


Divide students into multiple teams (depending on number of students) and have them each blow up one balloon: all one color for Team One, in another color for Team Two, etc. The aim of this game is to knock the opposing teams balloons to the floor whilst keeping your own in the air.

Each team stands on opposite ends of the room.  When the whistle is blown all the balloons must be launched into the air and cannot be held but only hit, like volleyball.  As soon as a balloon hits the ground that balloon is eliminated (it is good to have runners to collect the sunken balloons). Those players may continue but their balloons are out.  The first team to sink all their opponents balloons to the ground is the winner.   We like to do this in rounds like the best of three, it’s super fun!

Steve Vera is pastor at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Sun Prairie, WI.  Prior to seminary, he served for six years as youth director at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hudson, WI.

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